String theory seminar

The Tuesday seminar is devoted to recent developments in theoretical high energy physics. In particular it focuses both on mathematical as well as phenomenological aspects of string theory. The seminar takes place on each Tuesday at 14 c.t. in the Seminar Room bctp 1 (2.019), PI. - Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the seminars will be held as ZOOM meetings during the summer term 2020.

There are no planned seminars.

Past Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Jun. 25 Flows, defects, and transport of D-branes Ilka Brunner (LMU München) - ZOOM-meeting! - Please note: unusual day!
May. 05 Flavor and CP from Modular Symmetries of the Z2 Orbifold Moritz Kade (TU München) - ZOOM-meeting!