Theory seminar

In this seminar recent developments in the fields of theoretical particle physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics are presented by invited speakers. Due to the cross-disciplinary character each talk begins with a broader introduction into the research topic. The seminar takes place on each Monday at 14 c.t. in the Seminar Room bctp 1 (2.019), Wegelerstr. 10.

There are no planned seminars.

Past Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Jul. 19 Spontaneous SUSY breaking in natural GUT ---- NOTE: special date AND special time (16:00) AND special room (Konferenzraum 1) Nobuhiro Maekawa
Jul. 16 tba Supratik Pal
Jul. 09 NO SEMINAR (Bethe-Forum)
Jun. 25 There’s plenty of room in the toy (model) box: Can simple models still be useful? Jose Eliel Camargo Molina (Imperial College London)
Jun. 18 no seminar
Jun. 11 A Fresh Look at the Calculation of Tunneling Actions José Espinosa (Barcelona)
Jun. 04 Seifert geometry and 3d N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories Cyril Closset (CERN)
May. 28 NO SEMINAR (post-PLANCK Forum) --
May. 18 The electroweak phase transition in the standard
model effective field theory --- NOTE: special date AND special time (11:15)
Mikael Chala (Durham)
May. 08 *special date* Michael Spannowsky (Durham)
May. 07 Quantum implications of a scale invariant regularization Dumitru Ghilencea (București)
May. 07 *special time: 5pm* Stefan Weinzierl (Mainz)
May. 02 *special date* Timo Weigand (CERN/Heidelberg)
Apr. 30 --- no seminar ---
Apr. 24 *special date*
Nambu-Goldstone Bosons: from Composite Higgs to Scattering Amplitudes
Ian Low (Northwestern)
Apr. 23 --- no seminar ---
Apr. 18 *special date*
From String Theory to Models of Particle Physics and Cosmology
Gabriele Honecker (Mainz)
Apr. 16 Basic Concepts of String Compactifications Ralph Blumenhagen (MPP Munich)
Apr. 10 Thomas Grimm (Utrecht)
Apr. 10 *special date and time* 4 pm c.t.
The continuous Clockwork Supergravity
Alex Kehagias (Athens)
Mar. 08 Quantum Gravity Constraints on Large Field Inflation Ralph Blumenhagen (MPP Munich)
Mar. 05 Polylogarithmic Polygon Origami Lance Dixon (SLAC)