Theory seminar

In this seminar recent developments in the fields of theoretical particle physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics are presented by invited speakers. Due to the cross-disciplinary character each talk begins with a broader introduction into the research topic. The seminar takes place on each Monday at 14 c.t. in the Seminar Room bctp 1 (2.019), Wegelerstr. 10.

Upcoming Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Feb. 27 Neutrino and Dark Matter connection from spontaneous lepton number violation Roberto Lineros (Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile)

Past Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Feb. 04 Relativistic correlators at large space-like momenty, thermality and evancescene Souvik Banerjee (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Nov. 12 Neutron stars as dark matter probes Sandra Robles (ARC, CoEPP, Melbourne)
Nov. 05 Strong Correlations in Quantum Materials -- Puzzles, Progresses and Prospects Prof. Qimiao Si (Rice University)
Oct. 29 Show and Tell --