Theory seminar

In this seminar recent developments in the fields of theoretical particle physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics are presented by invited speakers. Due to the cross-disciplinary character each talk begins with a broader introduction into the research topic. The seminar takes place on each Monday at 14 c.t. in the Seminar Room bctp 1 (2.019), Wegelerstr. 10. - Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the seminars will be held as ZOOM meetings during the summer term 2020..

There are no planned seminars.

Past Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Jul. 13 SupersoftStops Joseph Tooby-Smith (Cambridge University)
Jul. 06 Strongly interacting dark sectors at the LHC: Casting a graph net to catch dark showers Elias Bernreuther (Tech. Hochsch. Aachen)
Jun. 29 Where do we stand in proton decay predictions in supersymmetric GUT SU(5) models? Liliana Velasco-Sevilla (University of Bergen)
Jun. 15 BSM Higgs Sectors at Future Colliders Sven Heinemeyer (IFT Madrid and IFCA Santander)
Jun. 08 Phenomenology of stringy symmetries in heterotic orbifolds Saul Ramos Sanchez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and TUM)
May. 28 JT supergravity from matrix models: Beyond perturbation theory via minimal strings Clifford Johnson (Univ. of Southern California)
May. 25 Effective Field Theory of Gravity to All Orders Javi Serra (TUM)
May. 18 Cracks in the CDM paradigm: NCDM as a way forward Deanna C. Hooper (ULB, Bruxelles)
May. 11 Gauge field production from a rolling axion: applications to the early and late universe Marco Peloso (U. di Padova, INFN)
Apr. 27 Electroweak corrections to the fermionic decays of heavy Higgs bosons Florian Domingo (BCTP, PI Bonn)
Apr. 20 Show and Tell - CANCELLED BCTP members
Apr. 06 CANCELLED Liliana Velasco-Sevilla (University of Bergen)