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Programme on "Exotic Hadrons"

Bethe Forum Programme

The seminars should be no longer than 45 minutes. The remaining time is intended for discussions

The schedule is provided in the table below. Grey indicates free time, light blue time for talks and/or discussions. The talks on Thursday and Friday afternoons will be held as colloquia, Thursdays in the HISKP colloquium, and Fridays in the physics colloquium, respectively.

Note that May 1st is a holiday in Germany

Meeting Schedule:

Mon, April 23 Tue, April 24 Wed, April 25 Thu, April 26 Fri, April 27
10-11 S. Eidelman J. Pelaez M. Karliner S. Beane G. Schierholz
14-15 A. Fariborz
15-16 M. Voloshyn J. Nieves A. Nefediev
16-17 M. Savage
17-18 D. Richards
18-19 Reception
19 Social Dinner

Mon, April 30 Tue, May 1 Wed, May 2 Thu, May 3 Fri, May 4
10-11 F. de Fazio J.-A. Oller E. Oset Q. Zhao
15-16 T. Mehen C. Lang
16-17 E. Eichten
17-18 B. Zou
19 Social Dinner

Talk titles:

Speaker Title
Silas Beane Lattice QCD confronts scattering experiments
Estia Eichten Heavy Quarkonium and Hadronic Transitions
Simon Eidelman Experimental Status of Heavy Quarkonia
Amir Fariborz Exploring the properties of scalar mesons using a generalized linear sigma model framework
Fulvia de Fazio New Heavy Meson Spectroscopy
Marek Karliner Quasi-bound states of B_B and B_B_ mesons
Christian Lang Meson decays in lattice QCD
Thomas Mehen Effective Field Theory for Heavy Meson Molecules
Alexey Nefediev Physics of near-threshold resonances: phenomenology and applications
Juan Nieves HQSS and open and hidden charm hadron molecules
Jose Antonio Oller Chiral dynamics in form factors, spectral functions, meson-meson scattering and semi-local duality
Eulogio Oset Hadronic molecules involving vector mesons
Jose Pelaez Precise determination of the f0(600) and f0(980) parameters from a dispersive analysis
David Richards The excited-state spectrum of QCD through lattice gauge theory
Martin Savage Nuclear forces from quantum chromodynamics calculations
Gerrit Schierholz Flavor physics and lattice QCD
Antonio Vairo Quarkonium radiative transitions
Misha Voloshin Heavy quark spin and near threshold states
Bingsong Zou Super-heavy N* resonances with hidden charm and their contribution to J/psi production in gamma(*)p, pp and p pbar reactions
Qiang Zhao Open threshold scenario and from the ground to first excitation states

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