Bethe Forum
Lecture Series on Mathematical String Theory

Bethe Forum

Lecture Series on Mathematical String Theory

Bonn, Germany

July 2nd - July 13th, 2012

Invited lecturers

Paul Aspinwall Bernd Siebert
Freddy Cachazo Jörg Teschner
Ilarion Melnikov Johannes Walcher
Andrew Neitzke Eric Zaslow
Vivek Shende  

Topics include

  • P. Aspinwall, "D-Branes, Superpotentials and Stability"
  • F. Cachazo, "Scattering Amplitudes and The Positive Grassmannian"
  • I. Melnikov, "Aspects of (0,2) theories and heterotic strings"
  • A. Neitzke, "Wall Crossing in Supersymmetric Gauge Theory"
  • V. Shende, "Introduction to Khovanov-Rozansky knot homology"
  • B. Siebert, "New methods in Gromow-Witten theory and tropical geometry"
  • J. Teschner, "Liouville theory and Hitchin moduli spaces for applications to gauge theories"
  • J. Walcher, "D-brane superpotentials and mirror symmetry"
  • E. Zaslow, "1. Microlocalization and the Coherent-Constructible Correspondence; 2. Relexive Polytopes, Skeleta, and a perspective on Homological Mirror Symmetry"


  • Daniel Huybrechts
  • Hans Jockers
  • Albrecht Klemm
  • Hans Peter Nilles
  • Don Zagier

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