Bethe Forum
Constructive Methods in Number Theory

Bethe Forum Program

Invited speakers

  • F. Beukers, Utrecht University
  • B. Birch, University of Oxford
  • H. Cohen, University of Bordeaux
  • B. Edixhoven, Leiden University
  • N. Elkies, Harvard University
  • V. Golyshev, IITP RAS Moscow/MPIM Bonn
  • W. Li, Pennsylvania State University
  • K. Magaard, University of Birmingham
  • A. Mellit, ICTP Trieste
  • P. Müller, University of Würzburg
  • D. Roberts, University of Minnesota
  • N. Skoruppa, University of Siegen
  • F. Villegas, ICTP Trieste
  • J. Voight, Dartmouth College
  • Y.-F. Yang, NCTU, Hsinchu
  • D. Zagier, MPI for Mathematics, Bonn
  • A. Zvonkine, University of Bordeaux
A program can be found here.
A few pictures of the event can be found here.
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