Graduate lectures and seminars


Title Lecturer
Advanced Theoretical Hadron Physics
We 14-17 SR I, HISKP
C. Hanhart, T. Luu
Advanced Theoretical Particle Physics
Tu 10-12, HsI, PI
H. Dreiner
Advanced Topics in String Theory
Mo 16-18, Tu 14, HS I, PI
A. Klemm
General Relativity and Cosmology
Mo 12, Tu 16-18, HS I, PI
S. Förste
Lattice QCD
We 10-12, Th 9, SR II, HISKP
C. Urbach, A. Rusetsky
Quantum Field Theory
Mo 10-12, We 9-10, HS, HISKP
B. Kubis
Theory of Superconductivity and Suprafluidity
Tu 1, Th2-14, HS I, PI
H. Monien