Theory seminar

In this seminar recent developments in the fields of theoretical particle physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics are presented by invited speakers. Due to the cross-disciplinary character each talk begins with a broader introduction into the research topic. The seminar takes place on each Monday at 14 c.t. in the Seminar Room bctp 1 (2.019), Wegelerstr. 10.

Upcoming Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Nov. 20 Inflation from High-Scale SUSY Breaking Kai Schmitz (MPI Heidelberg)
Nov. 21 Constraints on thermal neutralino dark matter in MSSM and NMSSM
CAUTION: unusual date
Marek Olechowski (Warsaw)
Nov. 27 -- CANCELLED! -- Jordy de Vries (NIKHEF, Amsterdam)
Nov. 28 New Physics at Colliders: The Effective Way and more.
CAUTION: unusual date
Siddharth Dwivedi (Harish Chandra research Institute)
Dec. 04 tba Rakhi Mahbubani (CERN)
Dec. 11 New Perspectives on Lepton Flavor Violation Julian Heeck (Brussels)
Dec. 18 tba Adrian Carmona (Mainz)
Jan. 08 tba Mark D. Goodsell (Paris, LPTHE)
Jan. 15 tba Maria Archidiacono (Aachen)
Jan. 22 Are neutrino masses modular forms? Ferruccio Feruglio (Padova)
Jan. 29 Generations: Three prints, in colour Cohl Furey (DAMTP, Cambridge)

Past Seminars

Date Title Speaker
Sep. 11 Hierarchion - a unified framework to address the Standard Model’s hierachies Diego Redigolo (Tel Aviv and Weizmann
Oct. 09 Cores in Dwarf Galaxies from Fermi Repulsion James Unwin (Chicago)
Oct. 16 Show and Tell ALL members of the BCTP
Oct. 23 Evolving neural networks with genetic algorithms to study the String Landscape Fabian Rühle (Oxford)
Oct. 30 New physics in B-meson decays Avelino Vicente (Valencia, IFIC)
Nov. 06 no seminar (Clima Conference) --
Nov. 13 no seminar (Clima Conference) --