Publications of the BCTP

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  • The Ultraviolet Landscape of Two-Higgs Doublet Models
    M.E. Krauss, T. Opferkuch & F. Staub • July 2018
    e-Print: arXiv:1807.7581[hep-ph]
  • The Supersymmetric R-Parity Violating Dine-Fischler-Srednicki-Zhitnitsky Axion Model
    S. Colucci, H.K. Dreiner & L. Ubaldi • July 2018
    e-Print: arXiv:1807.2530[hep-ph]
  • Unitarity constraints in triplet extensions beyond the large s limit
    M.E. Krauss & F. Staub • May 2018
    e-Print: arXiv:1805.7309[hep-ph]
  • Constraints on a Light Leptophobic Mediator from LEP Data
    M. Drees & Z. Zhang • May 2018
    e-Print: arXiv:1805.2780[hep-ph]
  • Surprising phenomenology in the non-Universal U(1) gauge extended $\mu\nu$SSM
    V. Martín-Lozano & S. Oviedo-Casado • April 2018
    e-Print: arXiv:1804.2378[hep-ph]
  • Vectorlike chiral fourth family to explain muon anomalies
    S. Raby & A. Trautner • December 2018
    Published in Phys. Rev. Vol. D97(9), pp. 095006.
    e-Print: arXiv:1712.9360[hep-ph]
  • A Precision Search for WIMPs with Charged Cosmic Rays
    A. Reinert & M.W. Winkler • December 2018
    Published in JCAP Vol. 1801(01), pp. 055.
    e-Print: arXiv:1712.0002[astro-ph.HE]
  • $N$-loop running should be combined with $N$-loop matching
    J. Braathen, M.D. Goodsell, M.E. Krauss, T. Opferkuch & F. Staub • November 2018
    Published in Phys. Rev. Vol. D97(1), pp. 015011.
    e-Print: arXiv:1711.8460[hep-ph]
  • General Continuum Clockwork
    K. Choi, S.H. Im & C.S. Shin • November 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1711.6228[hep-ph]
  • Dark Matter Production in an Early Matter Dominated Era
    M. Drees & F. Hajkarim • November 2018
    Published in JCAP Vol. 1802(02), pp. 057.
    e-Print: arXiv:1711.5007[hep-ph]
  • Dark matter scenarios in U(1) extensions of the MSSM using current lower limits on the mass of Z'
    F.A.G. Ferreira & M. Drees • November 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1711.0038[hep-ph]
  • Analysis of the Bounds on Dark Matter Models from Monojet Searches at the LHC
    S. Belwal, M. Drees & J.S. Kim • September 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1709.8545[hep-ph]
  • Perturbativity Constraints in BSM Models
    M.E. Krauss & F. Staub • September 2018
    Published in Eur. Phys. J. Vol. C78(3), pp. 185.
    e-Print: arXiv:1709.3501[hep-ph]
  • Minimal Flavor Violation with Axion-like Particles
    K. Choi, S.H. Im, C.B. Park & S. Yun • August 2017
    Published in JHEP Vol. 11, pp. 070.
    e-Print: arXiv:1708.0021[hep-ph]
  • Constraining the EW Hierarchy from the Weak Gravity Conjecture
    L.E. Ibanez, V. Martin-Lozano & I. Valenzuela • July 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1707.5811[hep-th]
  • Multilepton signals of heavier electroweakinos at the LHC
    M. Chakraborti, A. Datta, N. Ganguly & S. Poddar • July 2017
    Published in JHEP Vol. 11, pp. 117.
    e-Print: arXiv:1707.4410[hep-ph]
  • Exploring extra dimensions through inflationary tensor modes
    S.H. Im, H.P. Nilles & A. Trautner • July 2018
    Published in JHEP Vol. 03, pp. 004.
    e-Print: arXiv:1707.3830[hep-ph]
  • R-Parity Violation at the LHC
    D. Dercks, H. Dreiner, M.E. Krauss, T. Opferkuch & A. Reinert • June 2017
    Published in Eur. Phys. J. Vol. C77(12), pp. 856.
    e-Print: arXiv:1706.9418[hep-ph]
  • Feynman-Hellmann theorem for resonances and the quest for QCD exotica
    J. Ruiz de Elvira, U.G. Meißner, A. Rusetsky & G. Schierholz • June 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1706.9015[hep-lat]
  • Probing the Electroweakino Sector of General Gauge Mediation at the LHC
    J.S. Kim, M.E. Krauss & V. Martin-Lozano • May 2018
    Published in Phys. Lett. Vol. B783, pp. 150-157.
    e-Print: arXiv:1705.6497[hep-ph]
  • Motives of isogenous K3 surfaces
    D. Huybrechts • 05 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1705.4063
  • Spontaneous Charge Breaking in the NMSSM - Dangerous or not?
    M.E. Krauss, T. Opferkuch & F. Staub • March 2017
    Published in Eur. Phys. J. Vol. C77(5), pp. 331.
    e-Print: arXiv:1703.5329[hep-ph]
  • CP as a Symmetry of Symmetries
    A. Trautner • March 2017
    Published in J. Phys. Conf. Ser. Vol. 873(1)Proceedings, 5th Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries (DISCRETE 2016): Warsaw, Poland, November 28 - December 3, 2016, pp. 012037.
    e-Print: arXiv:1703.3692[hep-ph]
  • Effective Action from M-Theory on Twisted Connected Sum G$_{2}$-Manifolds
    T.C. da C. Guio, H. Jockers, A. Klemm & H.-Y. Yeh • February 2018
    Published in Commun. Math. Phys. Vol. 359(2), pp. 535-601.
    e-Print: arXiv:1702.5435[hep-th]
  • Effective action from M-theory on twisted connected sum $G_2$-manifolds
    T.C. d.C. Guio, H. Jockers, A. Klemm & H.-Y. Yeh • February 2017
    e-Print: arXiv:1702.5435[hep-th]
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