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  • The branching ratio $\omega \rightarrow \pi ^+\pi ^-$ revisited
    C. Hanhart, S. Holz, B. Kubis, A. Kupsc, A. Wirzba & C.W. Xiao • November 2017
    Published in Eur. Phys. J. Vol. C77(2), pp. 98.
    e-Print: arXiv:1611.9359[hep-ph]
  • Perspectives for Detecting Lepton Flavour Violation in Left-Right Symmetric Models
    C. Bonilla, M.E. Krauss, T. Opferkuch & W. Porod • November 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1611.7025[hep-ph]
  • Renormalization of the three-boson system with short-range interactions revisited
    E. Epelbaum, J. Gegelia, U.-G. Meißner & D.-L. Yao • November 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1611.6040[nucl-th]
  • How to employ $\bar{B}^0_d \to J/\psi(\pi\eta,\bar{K}K)$ decays to extract information on $\pi\eta$ scattering
    M. Albaladejo, J.T. Daub, C. Hanhart, B. Kubis & B. Moussallam • November 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1611.3502[hep-ph]
  • Effects of $Z_b$ states and bottom meson loops on $\Upsilon(4S) \to \Upsilon(1S,2S) \pi^+\pi^-$ transitions
    Y.-H. Chen, M. Cleven, J.T. Daub, F.-K. Guo, C. Hanhart, B. Kubis, U.-G. Meißner & B.-S. Zou • November 2017
    Published in Phys. Rev. Vol. D95(3), pp. 034022.
    e-Print: arXiv:1611.0913[hep-ph]
  • A chiral covariant approach to $\rho\rho$ scattering
    D. Gülmez, U.G. Meißner & J.A. Oller • November 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1611.0168[hep-ph]
  • Universal dimer-dimer scattering in lattice effective field theory
    S. Elhatisari, K. Katterjohn, D. Lee, U.-G. Meißner & G. Rupak • October 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1610.9095[nucl-th]
  • The nucleon in a periodic magnetic field
    A. Agadjanov, U.-G. Meißner & A. Rusetsky • October 2017
    Published in Phys. Rev. Vol. D95(3), pp. 031502.
    e-Print: arXiv:1610.5545[hep-lat]
  • "What's (the) Matter?", A Show on Elementary Particle Physics with 28 Demonstration Experiments
    H.K. Dreiner & others • July 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1607.7478[physics.pop-ph]
  • Validity of the CMSSM interpretation of the diphoton excess
    H.K. Dreiner, M.E. Krauss, B. O'Leary, T. Opferkuch & F. Staub • June 2016
    Published in Phys. Rev. Vol. D94(5), pp. 055013.
    e-Print: arXiv:1606.8811[hep-ph]
  • Heavy-quark spin symmetry partners of the $X(3872)$ revisited
    V. Baru, E. Epelbaum, A.A. Filin, C. Hanhart, U.-G. Meißner & A.V. Nefediev • May 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1605.9649[hep-ph]
  • The 750 GeV Boson: Dawn of the Super-Hooperon
    M.E. Krauss, T. Opferkuch, F. Staub & M.W. Winkler • May 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1605.5327[hep-ph]
  • Remarks on the $P_c$ structures and triangle singularities
    F.-K. Guo, U.-G. Meißner, J. Nieves & Z. Yang • May 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1605.5113[hep-ph]
  • 750 GeV Diphotons and Supersymmetric Grand Unification
    H.P. Nilles & M.W. Winkler • April 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1604.3598[hep-ph]
  • Non-Archimedean geometry of Artin fans
    M. Ulirsch • 03 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1603.7589
  • Inflationary quasiparticle creation and thermalization dynamics in coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
    A. Posazhennikova, M. Trujillo-Martinez & J. Kroha • March 2016
    Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol. 116, pp. 225304.
    e-Print: arXiv:1603.4898[cond-mat.quant-gas]
  • Generic vanishing and minimal cohomology classes on abelian fivefolds
    S. Casalaina-Martin, M. Popa & S. Schreieder • 02 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1602.6231
  • Decomposable theta divisors and generic vanishing
    S. Schreieder • 02 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1602.6226
  • Nuclear binding near a quantum phase transition
    S. Elhatisari & others • February 2016
    Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol. 117(13), pp. 132501.
    e-Print: arXiv:1602.4539[nucl-th]
  • On the geometry of the LLSvS eightfold
    E. Shinder & A. Soldatenkov • 01 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1601.8186
  • UV Corrections in Sgoldstino-less Inflation
    E. Dudas, L. Heurtier, C. Wieck & M.W. Winkler • January 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1601.3397[hep-th]
  • Charge-sign dependent solar modulation for everyone
    R. Kappl • January 2016
    Published in 14th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP 2015) Torino, Italy, September 7-11, 2015.
    e-Print: arXiv:1601.2832[astro-ph.HE]
  • Abundance for varieties with many differential forms
    V. Lazi\'c & T. Peternell • 01 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1601.1602
  • Light Higgsino as the tail of the $\mu$-$B_\mu$ solution
    M. Asano & N. Yokozaki • January 2016
    e-Print: arXiv:1601.0652[hep-ph]
  • On {B}eauville's conjectural weak splitting property
    U. Rie\ss • December 2016
    Published in Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN(20), pp. 6133–6150.
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